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The ULTIMATE meeting management app

Software/App design


Silicon Reef approached us with an idea for a new product, a meeting management app that would simplify the process of setting up and running a meeting. The app would allow users to not only create and share meetings but also build and edit an agenda, and share assets all in one place.

We started by coming up with a name.

Assemble: verb (used with object), as·sem·bled, as·sem·bling.

  1. to bring together or gather into one place, company, body, or whole.

  2. to put or fit together; put together the parts of: to assemble information for a report; to assemble a toy from a kit.

Next - to design a logo that would be easily recognisable and sit well on an app icon.


The logo that we designed is simple and memorable. The ‘a’ is highlighted like a mark showing the location at which to assemble.




We set about creating users journeys and working up wireframes for each user flow and each user type. We worked closely with Silicon Reef to make sure each user would be able to complete every task within their role.

The app is quite complex allowing users to access several functions so our focus was to keep the UX as simple as possible, making sure that the users wouldn’t get lost.


Keeping each journey as simple as possible and designing intuitive UI, allowed us to create an app that guides users through the process of creating and managing meetings what ever their role.

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Branding & Web Design