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Beyond The Wander

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Vibrant and unique branding for a bespoke travel company.

Beyond the Wander is a travel company with real soul. Passion sits behind the brand, with a love and lust for life as well as conscious, social and environmental awareness. When we were first approached by the companies Director, Rebecca Sanders, she was overflowing with ideas for what she wanted her business to be. how much she cared for all the small details about what she was offering to clients.


The Branding


We initially worked with Beyond the Wander to create the name itself. The stall had to be set that this company was so much more than your usual travel agency, and that the level of customer care and service and the eventual travel experience itself that was offer would go further beyond anyone expected. Beyond the Wander also offers up a portion of its profits to reinvest into environmental and social charities - again, taking the experience beyond just the holiday itself.


A hand drawn element was always going to be very important to the brand, instantly reflecting the personal touch and experience that Beyond the Wander is all about.


The stamp and patterns will sit along side the logo to add personality the the brand and to give her an adaptable and versatile brand.

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Colour is what then brought this brand to life - playing on memories of sunsets, of turquoise seas, white sands and colourful city streets.


The final output for Beyond the Wander is a brand that instantly makes your heart jump with excitement for the possibilities as well as ensuring you that you’re in the hands of dedicated experts.


The Website


With so much stunning travel imagery to use, the website set out to inspire customers as well as introducing them to the Beyond the Wander brand. The BTW ethos is to always to keep it personal, so the main aim of the website is to encourage people to connect and contact Bec’s herself to start planning their next adventure.

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