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At the end of last year we worked with the Manchester digital agency, Bliss. They had worked towards a rebrand for a few years internally - but realised that they were too close to it, and that if they were ever to stop going round in circles, an external team was needed.



We kicked off the project with a workshop to establish who they were as a business, and who they wanted to be going forwards. We left the workshop with a deeper understanding of what made them tick, and what their aspirations were for the future.

As visual people, this is our language, so we set about researching, mood boarding and pulling together concepts with an array of imagery. The ideas bubbled to the surface from these boards and, sharing with the Bliss team, we all knew that we were headed in the right direction.


We then set about taking these concepts from images, colours and descriptions to visual ideas. We played with type, shape and pattern to communicate a brand that was forward thinking, approachable, happy and unique. We also developed a real dislike to making two ss’s sit next to each other in a way that didn’t look awkward!


After further showcases, and rounds of feedback from the team, we soon headed down one path. With the excitement of those involved rising as we knew that we were approaching a brand that not only felt completely them, but one that they felt had lived in their heads for years but had been unable to communicate (their words, not ours!)


"A brand that not only felt completely them, but one that they had lived in their heads for years but they had been unable to communicate"


Illustration & Icon Design

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