Walk with me! Stop sitting & stressing over a problem

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Walk with me. The words uttered by the MD when he's about to absolutely rinse you for the last project that you worked on...or even worse, sack you! They'll parade you around the offices so that everyone can look and chatter over their sandwiches at lunch 'did you see Claire running at the heals of the MD at lunch? I've heard he sacked her for the Roberts report'

Walking meetings are only for the most important people, the people who are too busy to sit and talk, nay, even stop any sort of forward motion to as much as glance your way. They're for the people who are so important and busy that they don't appear to eat, sleep or ever go home, they're the successful types that we all aspire to be, right?


We use walking as the perfect time for a meeting, yet we also appear to eat, sleep and most definitely go home every night.  Our meetings also use a different setting and the only observers are usually a few cows in a nearby field and the dogs (but they couldn't give two woofs about what we're nattering about...unless the word biscuit is mentioned) We use our time walking through the local woodland to chat through a plan for a meeting, or talk through how we think our ideas are going or maybe try and establish why something is not working, or why one of us might be getting stressed out.


Our walking meetings are not just a natter whilst dog walking but have actually become a vital part of how we work. We have a plan or what we need to discuss, and by the time we're taking off our wellies at the back door again we're happy, resolved and ready to move onto the next task.

Why walking?

1. Fresh air - there is nothing like fresh air to wake your brain up when you've been sat in front of  a computer for hours


2. Exercise - actually physically moving your body seems to set the brain cogs in motion


3. Natural flow - sitting across a table from each other can sometimes seem more intense, walking side by side conversation seems to flow better

4. Escape - just stepping away from your desk for that period of time resets your thinking and you return more energised

5. Less formal - It’s easier to open up and talk honestly when you're away from your desk and prying eyes

Rather than booking out the meeting room next time you need a chat with a colleague, why don't you grab your coat and step out the door instead?