Why good ideas aren’t free

Inside  The Three Hares Cafe , sampling their latest delights whilst brain storming ideas together.

Inside The Three Hares Cafe, sampling their latest delights whilst brain storming ideas together.


As a new creative studio, we have spent many hours with our heads buried in decks, pulling together our best work and trying to create a proposal that will make potential clients sing from the roof tops about our well considered, beautifully designed presentation. But here lies our issue. How can you come up with an idea before you know what problem you are solving?

Our best ideas are not inspired by reading a description of what the client thinks they want.

Without knowing, or even having met the client and their audience, how can you best placed to offer them a solution. We believe that both parties need to invest in each other before they even think about tackling the problem in front of them. We have to understand what the client truly wants, and more importantly, what their users want. Our clients need to understand who we are and how we work. Without this relationship in place, we feel uncomfortable even picking up a pencil.

But if you’re not pitching an idea, what are you pitching?

Well, you’re pitching you. How well you can interpret the brief in front of you, how you can question its purpose. Show your process and show examples of how doing this has lead to exciting pieces of work that you are proud of.

Pitches have become a tail of unconsidered solutions with a price tag being awarded to the lowest bidder. For many companies that works just fine, but there are people out there who want a little more for their money, people who are passionate about what they’re doing and want to create a product that will make a lasting positive impact.

To talk to us about not pitching an idea for you, or to grab a brew and start the process of how we might work together, please get in touchhello@somewhereoffgrid.com