The Marathon Report

Last weekend I ran the Berlin Marathon. This is how I felt...

Mile 1: Ok, so here we go...its just running. I can run, this is fine
Mile 2: Need a wee
Mile 3: I can smell sausages
Mile 4: Look up, look around, take it in! 
Mile 5: Doggy! 
Mile 6: Oh no, I've lost my running buddy! 
Mile 7: My drink is making me feel gippy
Mile 8: Why did I think orange juice was a good idea?! 
Mile 9: The Danish supporters are winning at noise  
Mile 10: Yay, found running buddy again! 
Mile 11: Rich! Quick hug, nearly tripped over an old man, and off again! 
Mile 13: Halfway!! How on earth am I going to run at the same again?!
Mile 14: Jesus, why are my feet so tight?
Mile 15: I think I can walk faster than this?!  
Mile 16: I'm going to eat all of the food when I finish! 
Mile 17: Shuffle, shuffle...I might make it by midnight
Mile 18: I don't do gels...but I've got nothing to lose! 
Mile 19: I do enjoy how the Germans say 'Kimberley' 
Mile 20: 10km to go! 10km is easy peasy, right? 
Mile 21: Easy peasy, my arse
Mile 22: Come on woman! Pull yourself together!
Mile 23: I think I might collapse
Mile 24: I'm never running again
Mile 25:  Wow look at the crowds
Mile 26: So close!! Where is the F*&k#£g finish line?! 
Mile .2: Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.....give me beer 


File 29-09-2017, 15 07 04.jpeg
File 29-09-2017, 15 10 09.jpeg
File 29-09-2017, 15 13 31.jpeg