January. Self care & becoming Super Human



One word that brings about a whole world of panic. In January one must become the best version of one's self. The overindulging, lazy, unsuccessful person you were all but 2 weeks ago must be cast aside. Because now it is January. Now you only eat meals containing at least 23 vegetables, because its Veganuary, you only drink still water with a hint of fresh lemon because its Dry January, you work out every day, nay...4 times a day and you have written a list which will solve all of your problems, which maybe looks something like this:

- Lose 1 stone by Feb

- Sign up for your first marathon

- Start making more effort with your appearance (the trip to Tesco in wellies with a hole in was a low)

- Give money to 10 charities

- Do yoga before bed every night

- Go to bed by 8pm every night

- Wake up at 5am every morning

- Learn French

- Start a pottery course

- Save 75% of your wages

I may have over-egged some of these, but even so, it’s all pretty tough to achieve. We start the year setting ourselves up for a fall. And I'm one of these people too. January 2nd I wrote my own list and if I get to the end of the year having done them all, I think I can finally get that superhuman status that I have been hankering after for so long.

As a lover of lists, it really is wonderful to sit down and think about what you'd like to achieve in the next year, but don't set yourself up for a fall. Take a minute, and let yourself ease into the year with a little more feeling. December is tough, and like most of the world, we were both also battling the flu. Enforced bed rest, series binges and oh so many cups of tea actually felt good. Rather than jumping into the new year feet first, and running at it as fast as you can, so you can, maybe just try a little self-care.

Sit back and take stock, allow your brain and body to recover from the crazy festive period, and soak in all of the wonderful things that you achieved in the last year. Give yourself a break. There are 12 whole months ahead, you're more than entitled to step into this one at your own pace.