Two years?! How the flip?!

Walking in Whaley Bridge

Walking in Whaley Bridge

December doesn’t just mean Christmas, or the end of one year and the start of another, it also marks our second year in business. How the flip did we end up here? At times team, I'll be honest, I'm not sure we thought we'd make it - but make it we did! We are so incredibly proud of the business we've created and the work that we've produced with some ruddy amazing people!


Before we get wrapped up in all the craziness of the festive season, or start planning for next year and thinking about the big deadlines coming up, we thought we'd look back at the past year, the good, the bad and the ugly.


Oh gaaaad! Rolling ourselves back into work after a very merry Christmas to an empty schedule and bank balance to match. Right, proactive! People; let's spend our time meeting people, let's go for coffee, go for walks, learn about their businesses, tell them about ours and build this community up.


Ok, so businesses seem to be emerging from the biscuit and sprout covered hangover of Christmas and reaching out. Phew! *wasn't panicking*


Proposals, proposals, proposals, proposals, proposals, proposals, proposals, proposals, proposals.


Our first partnership. We’ll design it, you’ll build it and together we’ll make great things. An affair to take us right through until the end of the year...  


All these new projects everyone has been cooking up need BRAND spanking new logos (get it?!)


Ah. So, goodbye evenings and weekends - we've got some work to do!*

*we do not advocate working all day and all night, that is not a measure of success. Its a recipe to burn out - but we knew this was momentary, we took care of ourselves and got our heads down because it was all too exciting to say no to!


Soooo, when we said we were fine to design the cover and interior of a book, having never done it before, are we?! - How do we do this?! *Googles how to layout a book*


We have consistently been busy since April - what's going on? Can we breathe yet?!


*holds breath*


Right, it’s time to start saying how we think things should work, who we want to work with and how we want to be paid. We got this!


Heck, it worked!


The annual, 'argh, it’s the end of the year and I haven't sorted out said project' rush from clients. Brace, brace.  


Aaaaaaand breath.

We can't quite believe that this is us. That we are those savvy businesses owners that aren't afraid to say 'no', who keep calm (mostly) and have worked on some projects that our 21-year-old selves would love us for. We’ve stuck to our morals and been true to our ethics, and we’ve created work that will help to inspire and educate others. And, whilst doing all of this, we’ve managed to keep a roof over our heads and biscuits in our bellies!

This December is less fuelled by relief; ‘thank goodness we’ve made it through the year’, and more by an excitement to see where next year might take us. We are proud of what we have achieved in 2018 but can’t wait to see where the new year will take us. Interesting people and exciting places are always just around the corner and we can’t wait to get to get started!


See you next year!