The 'Back to School' feeling

Delamere Forest Walking Meeting

Delamere Forest Walking Meeting


Every September comes with an air of excitement and horror in equal measure - bedded in from years at school which has now carried through into adulting life.

For me September also comes with the added forray of a birthday, so even more pressure and reason to start panicking about what the flip I’m doing with my life?! Septembers of years past I have been remedied by moving house/jobs/getting a new haircut/ deciding to move to another country or (of late) signing up to a ridiculous physical challenge.

And this year brings a new challenge that I’m just not sure a new choppy bob can fix - as the feeling of ‘what next’ creeps into our business plans. A summer of head down and ‘crack on’ has meant there has been little time for self reflection or plans, and now as Christmas comes hurtling towards us much quicker than we’d like, year end worries start to surface:

  • Have we had a successful year?

  • Are we producing our best work?

  • Are we working with the clients that we really want to?

  • If not, why not?

  • And, are we still enjoying this?!

I can luckily answer for both of us for the last point, that we are most indeed still loving this, but the other worries are real! But this is healthy worry right? If we’re not continually asking ourselves these questions there is a real chance that we can zombie walk ourselves into the next 10 years having never really become the business that we wished to be.

It's also important to remember, whilst we’re picking our business apart, of all the good that we’ve achieved this year.

Now is also the time we start to think about what we want to achieve for next year, what has worked this year, what hasn’t, and what do we need to change?

We already have a few goals we’re working towards for the rest of this year/next:


  • Design another book

  • Do the branding and design for a festival (preferably a music/outdoor/adventure festival)

  • Design another app

  • Work with another outdoor/nature charity...or any charity!

  • Launch our own products (prints, apps…?)

  • Do some more illustration work

  • Write, design and self-publish a children's book

Are you crazy?!:

  • Buy an Off Grid camper to travel around in and work remotely

  • Work from a far flung remote location

  • Work with The National Trust on an innovative output to help people explore the outdoors

  • Work with adventure/outdoor brands

  • Give our first talk (oh god!)

  • Work with Chester Zoo

We’re pretty damn lucky that we have a hefty list of attainable goals - but we also have to throw out some wild cards - a girl's gotta dream!

All of this pondering has a good walk written all over it. Time to grab a rucksack, a notebook, a thermos of tea (at least 3 cups worth), some cake, a camera and go chat it all out - celebrate the good, listen to the bad and share.