Just a logo


“I think we just need a logo.”

So, what's the difference between ‘branding’ and a logo? Is it a made up ‘design term’ to confuse clients and make themselves feel clever?  Is it just a word to tag onto a quote as a license to charge more money?!

Well no, it's actually one of the strongest tools you’ll own. You need to understand it, harness it and use it wisely!

What is branding?

Well, it’s kind of a big deal. Branding is you, it’s is your business and everything that you do surrounding it. It's in every email that you send, every conversation that you have and every tweet that you post. It is how you talk about yourself, where you place yourself in the industry and yes, it is also how you visually represent yourself. And if you sweep it under the carpet as ‘just a logo, you’re missing a major trick people.

Whether you’re a 50 person agency or a 1 man band this applies to you. Even if you consider yourself to be a sole trader, ‘Jessica Brown the CopyWriter’ - you are a brand. People who don’t know you, need to know what you do, how you do it and why within the first few seconds of meeting you/visiting your website or landing on one of your social posts.  

Your business is an entity all of its own, so, therefore, needs its own personality, and it needs the strength to support you, lift you up and speak for you even if you’re not around.

It needs a brand.

Why is it important?

Pretty big stuff huh? And with good reason.

It’s so easy to get excited about a new business or to get carried away with an existing one that the brand gets forgotten. But without one, you’re not giving your clients or customers anything to grab onto and you’ll easily start to lose your way.

In the branding process, you will delve into who you are, who your client is, and what your goal is for your business. These values will be something that you’ll hold onto as your business grows. Sure, you will change and adapt over time - but these guiding principles will always be something to refer back to. If you answer all these questions early on they’ll save you so much heartache down the line.

A strong brand should support your logo, allowing it to be unique and versatile but not be weighed down by trying to achieve all of the above within one mark. The brand will lift up the logo, elevate it and do a lot of the work fo it.

Where to start?!

So we now know why branding is important, but where do you start? Well, it all begins by asking yourself a few honest questions.

If you’re ready to begin thinking about your brand or even want to check in with where you are right now with an existing one - go grab yourself a brew and a notepad and write out the below questions:

Why have I started my business now? (These are quite often quite personal reasons e.g. So I can have a better work-life balance, so I can help people because I have a fantastic new idea for a product)

Who is my business for? (e.g. age, sex, hobbies, income, what technologies do they use, what social media platforms do they use?)

How is my brand different to others that already exist that are similar? (your USP)

What 5 words best describe my brand? (e.g. Commercial, fun, corporate, educational, friendly, bespoke)

What 5 words DO NOT describe my brand? (this is almost as important as the words that do)

These questions should start to lay a foundation for your brand, and begin to give you answers to ‘so what is your business’?

Soon enough you’ll be ready to create your fabulous new brand.

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