Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

At some point or other, we’ve all stopped and looked at ourselves in the mirror and wondered who on earth we are, questioned how we got here and wondered whose life we are actually living. Aaaaah, the classic identity crisis - normally followed by some blind panic, a glut of online shopping, a good few lists, booking a long weekend somewhere cultured and a new Pinterest board titled ‘Hair 2019

The wrath of the crisis may manifest itself beyond your own skin. It can consume, your closest work colleague (let's call her, Bev), and spread beyond to take hold - and almost take over an entire business too. Like Bev, no matter how many times she colours her hair, dons vintage dungarees, or goes on multiple yoga retreats - fine tweaking an outward facing aesthetic will have little impact. The temptation to keep adding to, removing, or updating a sub-line, changing your brand colours, or adding a bevel to everything (thank you the 00’s for that joy) will do little to disguise the obvious crisis that is going on within.

We are all masters of our own destiny. The world is our oyster. We can be the leading character in our own film...or some other inspirational cliche that you’ll find cross-stitched onto a cushion. But, in reality, perhaps all of this opportunity is too much; we can drown in it. We want to be everything, and we want it now, both personally and professionally.

So how can we embrace these opportunities without them consuming us?  How do we avoid being spat out at the other end as a jumbled mass; unable to recognise who we are anymore?

The answer… Branding.

Not just that logo that you had your mate do a few years ago for a pint and a bag of dry roasted nuts - , but, the core of who you are as a business. (Read more about the importance of having not ‘Just a Logo’)

When you have a brand that speaks of who you are as an organisation, and is something that your employees and colleagues are all proud to hang their hat on - making clear and concise decisions becomes so much easier. It becomes your guide, to refer back to, to question and to either give you the nod of approval, or perhaps dispense a worried scowl when you seem to be going a little adrift.  

Unfortunately, we have very little experience in helping you find that perfect hair do for 2019, or where to book your next yoga retreat, but, what we can do is make sure your branding is absolutely top draw!

We could talk about the importance of good branding forever! But we won't... unless you ask us to....So, please drop us an email if you’d like to find out more:

Kim Farrall