Independent Design Studio

Si Novi


We've been working with Si Novi to create a brand for the launch of their new digital studio based in Manchester. 

Si Novi was founded by James and Martin. After several years directing another successful digital agency together with three others, they decided to step back and create something new.



Si Novi translates to a 'New Thought' in Latin. We played on both the meaning and the thought process behind the name by using a serif font that feels classic and traditional. The bright colours are used to contrast the serif, bring some modernity to the brand and highlight the personality of this exciting new agency. 


The brand needs to be subtle and take a backseat to allow the studio’s products to take the limelight.  We wanted the identity to feel modern and digital but also established. 


After delivering the branding, we went on to design a template for Is Novi’s website. Breaking their content down into digestible chunks and highlighting key messages to help their audience understand their offering.

To create some visual interest we designed an illustration style that would help them to illustrate their process and services, and can be used across the site to break up the text content.


Branding & web design