Independent Design Studio

Soul & Soil


A colourful and energetic brand for a Yoga & Wellness teacher.

Soul & Soil is a yoga and wellness company founded by Sophie-Rae Martyn. Sophie set out to reclaim her own life while improving others by enriching them with her practice.

Artboard 5-100.jpg

We worked with Sophie to create an exciting and energetic brand that reflects her vibrant practice. We wanted to use colour and movement to highlight the idea of flowing energy and the interesting shapes drawn by the body during yoga.

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The logo itself gives a feeling of movement and continuous cycles which is reinforced by the lively painting. The refreshing colour pallet reflects nature and new beginnings.


The final output is a brand that feels balanced and  creative, just like the new life that Sophie is building for herself.

Artboard 5 copy-100.jpg
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Artboard 5 copy@2x-100.jpg