Independent Design Studio

Soul Girls Adventure


We created a brand for the social initiative Soul Girls to build a community around, to help them to bring together women who love nature and need some time and space to breath


Kelly approached us to design a brand for Soul Girls Adventure, an outdoor adventure group for women. Using hiking, yoga, meditation, and surfing, Soul Girls encourage women to get outdoors and to build a community of strong women that help and support each other in the wild.⁠

Artboard 1@2x-100.jpg

It was an absolute joy to work with a brand devoted to getting women outside to enjoy nature and alleviate feelings of stress, isolation and depression - a cause very close to our hearts.

Artboard 2@2x-100.jpg

Kelly was really keen for her logo to have hand drawn elements to give the design a personal and friendly feel. The concept explored adventure, nature and bravery - thinking about drawing strength and courage from feminine qualities while exploring new paths and taking on new challenges.


Branding for a yoga teacher