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Crafted and considered branding for an Architect Firm

Wattle + Daub approached us to create a brand that was uniquely them in an industry where visual impact is paramount. Julia Burke, the company director, was born in Chester where she worked until recently after a successful decade working in London. This history was a big part of what the brand was to become.

With a keen sense of style and taste, Julia presented us with a clear vision of where the business was coming from and where it was going - she had a strong voice and needed a brand that would do her justice.

Artboard 14.png

Patterns and textures were really important to the Wattle + Daub brand. The lines, shapes and marks told a story, they were the literal fabric of a building - so the branding looked to represent this in a contemporary yet crafted way.


The marks, and patterns were created by hand using lino printing, a technique that has been used for generations which gave the brand a genuine and bespoke feel.

Artboard 2 copy 9.png

The final output of Wattle + Daub is a brand with a strong sense of self, is bold, creative and wholly unique.


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